The Cavan Group has been working with Laurie Malcolmson for almost 4 years.  Laurie provides a wide range of financial and administration services including bookkeeping, AR/AP, financial reports, CPA liaison, HR & benefits coordination, compliance and regulatory filings.  We have been delighted with Laurie’s competence, experience and efficiency in all matters of business operations. She has saved us thousands of dollars through assessment of costs, competitive bidding and renegotiation of contracts.  Her friendly disposition and outgoing nature has been a welcome addition to our team.  She is excellent!


John F. Martin



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"Extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of what it takes to run a small business. Responsible, reliable, helps with many business decisions, we hope she will be with us forever."

Steven Harvey



I have been working with Laurie for over 10 years and throughout this time she has proven to have the knowledge and know-how to improve productivity and profitability.  Whether it's on a specific project, or every day business strategies, she had the experience and expertise to help guide us to the intended result.  She is a true lifesaver!  

Lindsey Couture

Operations Manager

Prisoners' Legal Services

 "I am the Executive Director of a seventeen-person non-profit in Boston. Laurie Malcolmson has been my bookkeeper/accountant for nearly twelve years. Even though Laurie only works for me one day per week, in addition to her fiscal responsibilities, Laurie also negotiates and manages all of our contracts, prepares budgets for grant applications. does all of our billing and serves as our human resources person. Laurie is an incredible asset to our office. She has all of the basic qualifications for her job including reliability, dependability, accounting and bookkeeping skills and extensive knowledge of the IRS requirements for non-profits. She also has the interpersonal skills and an incredible work ethic that make her a joy to work with and a colleague who is liked and valued by all staff."

Feeley & Driscoll CPA

"Laurie has been extremely helpful with several clients of ours. She is able to quickly adapt to various levels of service and make a positive impact immediately. We are extremely comfortable in referring Laurie when her services are required."

Thomas Feeley

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