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HR Avatar- A New Way to Hire

The process of looking for a new hire can be daunting and costly; posting an ad, reviewing all of the resumes, setting up interview appointments etc. But once you find the “perfect“ candidate , how do you really know they can do the job?

HR Avatar is an online pre-employment testing software that enables employers to quickly evaluate various aspects of each candidate’s potential fit, such as cognitive ability, personality, and knowledge base.

How it works: the potential candidate is sent a job-specific simulated test that helps to gauge technical skills, knowledge, and even personality traits. HR Avatar provides pre-made tests, or a company can create their own. Once the candidate's test is completed, the recruiter receives a notification with the results. The reports are broken up into different categories which make it easy to tell where a candidate excels or needs improvement, so companies can make an informed decision about the applicant’s fit for the job. Considering the cost of choosing the wrong person, the price is very reasonable and allows you to pick the perfect candidate.

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